Where is GHOUL SRT?

The Ghoul SRT 426 Hellephant 1000hp is still not available in 2022!!!

Many people really believed Dodge was working on a new Charger Ghoul that would end up costing $200,000 which included the 7.0L 426 Supercharged V8 Hemi Hellephant crate engine. This Ghoul SRT rumor has been around every year since 2019, with no hints or confirmation from Dodge.

According to the Ghoul SRT rumors we would have seen a roll out by now (2022). The rumor is for the Charger to receive the Hellephant 1000hp 426 crate engine. Dodge still hasn’t released a concept or showcased anything to support a Ghoul SRT will actually be available for sale.

Sounds like many people bought into this rumor because it’s a great idea. Wishful thinking though!!! We may end up seeing a 1000hp Dodge but it will not be coming out of a Supercharged 7.0L 426 like we all want. The EV concept is going to be released early 2022, so we will be seeing the next generation of performance rides by Dodge.

What do you think of the Charger or Challenger Ghoul SRT? Did you buy into the hype or false rumor? There is still a small part of everyone that wants to believe it will happen, it would be a giant middle finger to the eco world we are slowly headed toward!

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3 thoughts on “Where is GHOUL SRT?”

  1. The Ghoul SRT rumor has been a blast! Everyone wants to believe it because the Hellephant 7.0L 426 hemi crate is amazing. The odds of that Hellephant crate making it into a Charger or Challenger is almost 0%. The EPA standards are not going to allow for it. Hopefully I’m wrong and we see a Charger Ghoul SRT with the widebody treatment. We will see!

  2. Charger Widebody Ghoul SRT needs to happen. I saw the video on the Challenger Ghoul on the dyno! We need the Hellephant crate engine in these Chargers & Challengers. The Ghoul SRT is an awesome rumor but it looks like a long shot to be honest.

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