Make “5.7L Hemi” FAST!!!

How To Make 5.7L V8 “392 FAST”

Dodge Charger R/T 5.7L V8 Hemi vs 6.4L 392

Can you modify a 5.7L V8 Hemi to compete with a 6.4L 392 Scatpack, SRT, Daytona or T/A? In this video we take a look at a 5.7L V8 R/T line up vs many 392 Chargers while modifying. There is a proper formula, but we need to know!? In the beginning the Charger RT has shorty headers, upgraded 315 tires, intake & emailed tune to try keeping up with the 485hp 6.4L 392 scatpack. It proves to be to much for the R/T after a few races so more upgrades are needed!

In the end the R/T needed full bolt-on, upgraded camshaft, long tube headers, full cat-back exhaust, 392 manifold, 85mm BBK throttle body, wheels & tires! After all of that on 93 the 5.7L was still short on HP/Torque coming in at 400whp. Anyone that knows much about the 392 it dynos at around 430whp which is 30whp difference! Even so the more aggressive tuning made the 5.7L V8 hemi the winner in a 0-100+mph race.

Don’t try roll racing vs a 392 after all those upgrades, the 5.7L still falls short! Even after being fully modified, the 5.7L V8 hemi still falls short the larger displacement 6.4L 392 in a roll race. Make sure to check out the video above if you’re looking into modifying a 5.7L V8 hemi. The honest truth can setup proper expectations & maybe give you a shot of reality.

The 392 is one of the best N/A engines currently available on the market today. It’s high compression along with Intake/Exhaust manifold make it a great engine to build HP/Torque with. Many people don’t realize how great the 392 engine because terrible tuners have destroyed the reputation while building HP. In another article I will show you how to build a 392 into a Hellcat killer! Let us know what you think of the 5.7L V8 Hemi vs 392 topic.