“Undefeated Charger” Arkansas state police chase

Blacked Out Dodge Charger “Undefeated Charger” runs from Arkansas State Police!

Undefeated Charger Police Chase in Arkansas

This Blacked out Dodge Charger has been running from Arkansas state police for over a year now. They refer to this blacked out charger as the “undefeated charger” because it has engaged in several pursuits with arkansas state police & easily escaped. It is said this blacked out charger has escaped 7+ times & counting.

In the video above it showcases a few of the chases caught from arkansas state police while chasing this undefeated charger. Within seconds of the pursuit the blacked out charger is gone into the night. The driver cuts the lights off which makes it impossible for the police to see him from any distance.

We will be loading up a few more articles that showcase the dashcam footage from the black charger that runs from Arkansas state police in the night. Many people have now been speculating that it is a 2016+ Charger R/T with a hellcat swapped 6.2L Supercharged V8 Hemi or 6.4L 392 SRT engine. The creator of this videos believes the undefeated charger is a modified 5.7L v8 hemi.

Whatever is under the hood of this blacked out charger it’s clear that it can outrun law enforcement without a problem. Below is another example of the blacked out charger running!

Undefeated Charger Escapes Again from Police

If you would like to see more videos on the undefeated charger make sure to comment on this article! There are a handful of videos showcasing the blacked out charger escaping Arkansas state police via dashcam footage. The Undefeated Charger is clearly a skilled driver that knows the roads well & continues hitting up the same spots baiting Arkansas state police into chases for the thrill. Once we see another update on the blacked out charger in Arkansas another post will be up.

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  1. I’ve been following along with the undefeated charger on youtube since seeing the first video. Since there has been 3 or 4 other videos but none as good as that first one. Can’t believe there is a guy that is cruising around messing with police and baiting them into a chase. That undefeated charger is making at least 500hp to pull away from a charger pursuit like that.

    Hope to see more content on the blacked out or undefeated charger moving forward!

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