Magnum Hellcat REAL!?!

Is a Dodge Magnum Hellcat real or fake?

So many videos of the Dodge Magnum having a Hellcat 6.2L Supercharged V8, is this something Dodge is planning on doing?

Will we see a new modern Magnum with Hellcat and/or 6.4L 392 trim options? The answer is NO, Dodge isn’t going to invest anymore time into the current platform. They’re dedicating their resources to a new EV line up. The Magnum Hellcat will never be something officially launched by Dodge. These Magnum Hellcats come from people buying both a Magnum & Charger Hellcat as a donor car. They move everything from the Charger Hellcat over to the Dodge Magnum, making it officially Magnum Hellcat.

If you enjoy Modern Magnum content make sure to check out Real Transformation on Youtube. He has many transformation videos regarding Magnums & swaps.

We would all love to see the Modern Magnum come back as a Hellcat or 392 SRT or 5.7L R/T, but doesn’t look like it will happen. The Chrysler 300 also deserves a Hellcat trim as well to create buzz within the brand. The Magnum Hellcat with Charger front styling looks amazing! In the video above you will see a few nice rides that have some Charger styling tied into the Magnum to give it a more modern look.

If Dodge did decide to make the Magnum, they would not use the Charger but it gives everyone an idea of what to expect. The styling is very modern & goes well with the hatch back.

4 thoughts on “Magnum Hellcat REAL!?!”

  1. Magnum Hellcat conversions are amazing. There is a youtube channel called True Transformation and he is one of the 1st to do these kinds of Magnum Charger conversions. Once I have some money I’ll do something like this to my Magnum R/T still only 25k miles on my 5.7L.

  2. The Magnum Hellcat is the best! Still a big fan of the Chrysler 300 Hellcat and some of the other custom Hellcat builds, but this is amazing. Looking to do this conversion to my 6.1L SRT-8. After that the hellcat supercharger is going on! That’s close enough. Much love to all those that do these charger magnum conversions.

  3. Shoutout to @JayeFab for starting this trend. The Charger/Magnum style was created by him, or at least he was the first to popularize it on social media. These guys in the video did an amazing job building their Magnums, the front looks great like that. The widebody Magnum/Charger is what I’m going to be doing, then replacing my 5.7L with 392 crate engine and 8 speed transmission.

  4. Every Magnum owner wants to do this now. Update the front to look like a Charger. I like it but it’s starting to lose that unique original look. If I had a Magnum I would look into the 300 front end conversion, just to be a little different. The Challenger front end looks silly! Either way I would happily support a Magnum Hellcat if Dodge decided to do it.

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