5.7L & 392 Stage Kits

Want more horsepower? Mopar Power Packages are here!!!

The Mopar power packages you’re looking at are for any Charger, Challenger, Durango, Magnum, Jeep or Ram with a 5.7L 345 V8 hemi, 6.4L 392 or Hellcat trim level. This dealership is offering this exclusively, the odds are you will not get this at any other dealerships.

Almost everyone wants more horsepower & torque, that is why the Hellcat exists! But, there are many that love their own ride & don’t want to trade up. Now you can get more power with these Mopar power packages. Many include a supercharger, turbo or nitrous system for big time HP/Torque gains.

The power packages are not priced but anyone into modifying can get an idea of what to expect based on the listed upgrades in each package. This seems like a great gesture on the Dodge dealership, many wouldn’t bother getting involved in stage kits because modified cars tend to run into more issues.

The problem with modifying!?

The loss of warranty, it’s that simple! With these power packages the dealership backs up the work, meaning you will not lose out on your warranty. This is a great deal but there is one thing to consider, this will be the only dealership that will/can service your ride while honoring the stage kit work.

Take a look at the video above, you will get an idea of the upgrades in each stage. Let us know what you think of these Mopar power package stage kits!

This is not part of Direct Connection that Dodge just rolled out. Direct connection is a program for upgrading your Redeye, Hellcat or Scatpack through a Dodge dealership. The idea of these Direct Connection Stage kits is similar to these power packages, give everyone more horsepower & torque without having to trade in their ride. We haven’t seen the stage kits rolled out yet from Direct Connection, but I’m sure it’s loaded in POWER!!!