Dodge Durango Widebody

Widebody Kit for Dodge Durango

Durango Widebody Kit

The Durango widebody kit is one of the best ways of making your R/T, SRT or Hellcat look menacing! This Durango widebody is something very rare & will give your Durango a rare new look. This Widebody kit starts around $1200 for parts alone (another kit which includes a front lip for $1500), after that paint & installation will likely end up costing around $1000. After about spending $2200 the job isn’t done yet! You need to upgrade the wheels & tires to make sure the offset is correct.

The wheels & tires should cost you around $2000 which would put you in around $4200 total for a new wider stance! If you decide to go down this route, make sure to consider an upgraded suspension. Adjustable coilover suspension should do the trick, it will allow you to adjust the ride height along with wheel travel (stiffness). Many people that upgrade to the widebody kit run into issues while driving on poor road conditions. Massive dips on highways & potholes causes many tires to hit into the fender flare knocking them loose.

The Durango Widebody kit is one of the best ways of making your ride look different from everything else on the road. Once you have the widebody kit on, the front lip will add a lower look that many of the Charger guys use. Right now seeing a widebody Durango is something very rare so make sure to be one of the 1st to do it.

Dodge should have done this for the Hellcat SRT version of the Durango. They had a widebody version for Charger & Challenger so it only made sense for them to do it for the Durango. Seems as though Dodge has gone lazy or cheap on these last generation of Hemi’s & focusing on the next generation of E.V.’s. Let us know what you think of the Dodge Durango Widebody version!

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  1. I agree, Dodge should have made the widebody available for the Durango. I bet this is exactly how they would have designed it based on the Charger and Challenger widebody style. The Durango Widebody probably would’ve been a real thing if FCA didn’t get bought out. Right now they’re having a going out of business sale, it’s sad but the company is about to sink. My Durango R/T is getting this widebody kit because it really does give it a more aggressive look and stance.

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