Ram Hellcat or TRX?

Should Ram create a Hellcat SRT?

We have the Ram 1500 TRX but should they do something closer to the Ram SRT-10 from a long time ago, more track focused. The Ram SRT-10 had the 8.4L V10 Viper engine that made 500+hp N/A.

The Ram 1500 TRX features the Hellcat 6.2L Supercharged V8 Hemi but is more of a light off-roading truck. The Ram TRX is a direct competitor to the Ford Raptor then the Ford Lightning which is what many in the Mopar world would like to see. A more track focused truck setup for the 1/4 mile & street racing. The TRX launched in 2021 & has done well in sales but could be doing much better.

Will Ram revise the TRX to be more of an SRT? The odds are no. They’re currently working on an all new EV 1500 that will make a lot of HP/Torque. They may not be what most of the Mopar community would like to hear but it’s the truth.

The Next RAM SRT will be EV?!

You heard it here first, Ram will release their all new EV 1500 within the next year or 2. Following the release they will have a performance minded EV Ram that will be a street/strip ride. The New EV technology is very impressive, performance wise.

The Tesla Plaid is paving the way for performance standards. We will see what Ram has in mind soon enough but having a performance SRT featuring the 6.2L Supercharged V8 hemi is not going to happen anytime soon.

4 thoughts on “Ram Hellcat or TRX?”

  1. 6.2L Supercharged V8 700+hp belongs in a ride that is going to post up 1/4 mile times! The TRX is kind of cool but I will take a Ram Hellcat 1500 for around $60k. Strip it out, keep it basic and as light as possible. I want a fast truck!!!

  2. I agree with the video, it would be nice to see a Ram closer to the SRT-10. The TRX is a great truck no question but having a Street/Strip is more appealing to the majority of people into Mopar. So Ram Hellcat SRT is my vote over the Ram TRX.

    Sounds like the ship has sailed though. Ram is getting ready to reveal an EV model. Guessing that thing will be pretty quick.

  3. Would much rather see a Ram Hellcat SRT over TRX. Not many out there buying these Hellcat Ram TRX are going off roading anyway. Most love having that Hellcat engine is a big truck and they’ll enjoy it on suburban roads. Ram make an SRT version, one that will dominate at the drag strip.

  4. SRT version all day long! A Ram Hellcat would sell much much better. I see so many unsold Ram TRX at dealerships, most don’t want a high HP light off-roading truck. Who want to really off road with a $90,000 truck?!?! I’ll take the SRT version and enjoy the drag strip.

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