Inline-6 Turbo Charger & Challenger

Next Generation 500+hp Inline 6 Turbo?!

There has been a lot of rumors around Dodge moving to smaller engines to go along with their EV line up. They’re going to be selling the current line up along side the new EV’s for at least a couple of years. That said it’s likely done by 2025, meaning goodbye V8 Hemi.

The next generation of Charger & Challengers may end up having an inline-6 turbo that produces around 525hp & similar in torque. Certainly plenty to have fun with esp. if they decide to make it AWD for powerful launches. This could all be a rumor though as Dodge still have not confirmed any of these rumors. There is also another inline-6 N/A that will be in the 400hp range, this will be the trim level below the turbo. The Base is said to have the 4 cylinder turbo that would be in the 295hp range.

Mopar has already rolled out the turbo 4 in their Jeeps. The engine does have a healthy amount of power but it lacks that V8 torque & sound many crave.

Let me know what you think! Is this another bogus rumor like the ghoul SRT or Cuda, or is Dodge going to release an inline 6 turbo to sit next to the next generation EV. If you enjoy this video, make sure to check out some of the other Mopar videos loaded up on the channel.

Mopar is looking to the future & the rumors appear to support EV technology.