Durango SRT Widebody!?!

Dodge Ready for Durango Widebody?

Why haven’t we seen a widebody more aggressive styled Durango? The base & support is certainly there for the Durango, check out the sales from the SRT & Hellcat versions. So why haven’t we see the Durango Widebody?

Let’s talk about Dodge missing the boat with the Durango Widebody! This is a very simple & nice looking add on that would make the mopar world go crazy. The Durango has a very large & growing fan base that likes to upgrade & modify them. Why not give this crowd the tools to make their ride even better? As of right now we don’t see much aftermarket support for styling the Durango, but you can certainly build them in power. Regardless with version you have 5.7L, 6.4L 392 or Hellcat.

Let’s see what you think about the Durango Widebody & if Dodge should move it into production. Many of the people watching the Youtube channel R/T Life believe Dodge should offer this to the fan base. It adds a nice stance while also allows for widebody wheels & tires.

Dodge Durango Widebody Hellcat just sounds & feels right!

2 thoughts on “Durango SRT Widebody!?!”

  1. The Durango looks great with the widebody stance. I wasn’t sure how the Charger would look with the widebody treatment but I have to admit it gives them all a more aggressive look. Loving the new widebody or wider look these Dodges have. The Durango Widebody should happen but we will see, seems like a long shot.

  2. I don’t see any widebody kits for the Durango. Does anyone have a link? I love the look in the renderings but is this something that will happen. I have a Durango SRT 392 and would love to have this widebody look. Hopefully the Durango Widebody comes out so companies like Vicrez can make a kit.

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