Magnum Hellcat SRT

Dodge Magnum Hellcat with Modern Appearance!!!

Should Dodge consider making a Modern Magnum before heading into the EV world? Many of the supporters within the mopar community would love to see a modern version of the Magnum. We haven’t see the Magnum since 2008 – the Charger is a large reason why. When Dodge released the Charger the sales slowly killed off the Magnum.

Modern Magnum Hellcat SRT

Dodge would be wise to bring back the Magnum for one last ride before going down the EV route. The Magnum has been knows for it’s loyal following, many would consider adding anther if done properly by Dodge. We’re not looking for a Charger Wagon, but a new design that brings the Magnum into the 21st century styling wise.

The New Modern Magnum should have similar trims levels to the Charger & Challenger. Starting with a Magnum Redeye Hellcat, Hellcat 707, Magnum 6.4L 392, Magnum R/T 5.7L 345 & Magnum 3.6L V6 to close out the trim levels.

If you would like to see a modern Magnum come back, make sure to join in the talk & voice your opinion! Dodge needs to know that many of us would like to see a Hellcat Magnum or Magnum 392 Scatpack or R/T.

4 thoughts on “Magnum Hellcat SRT”

  1. Probably the coolest hellcat I have ever seen. Having the Hellcat 6.2L in the Magnum is a great combination. I love the Charger and challenger but the magnum still remains my favorite. It would be a dream to see a Magnum Hellcat on the roads with new styling. Dodge has a great team and think they would do a good job of creating a modern magnum.

  2. The Magnum in the thumbnail is badass looking. The owner has a procharged 6.1L SRT-8 which makes a healthy amount of horsepower and torque. Would love to see a Magnum Hellcat though release from Dodge. The Magnum with newer Dodge styling is really nice, count me in!

    Dodge lets see a NEW Magnum Hellcat!

  3. The Magnum looks so good with the updated Charger styling. A Magnum Hellcat is a dream build for me, but I doubt it will ever happen. Would love to see Dodge bring it back but certainly a long shot. Overall though the Magnum is my favorite ride! I have a 5.7L R/T version and will hopefully one day upgrade the engine & trans to a Hellcat.

    Love the videos! Binge watching all the Magnum and Charger videos.

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