Is Ghoul SRT Real?

What is Ghoul SRT?

Can you buy Ghoul SRT? Is Ghoul SRT Real? Is Ghoul SRT 426 Hellephant Charger?

The Ghoul SRT has been an ongoing April fools joke starting back in 2019. The false rumor has been clickbaited & teased by every car website & Youtuber under the Mopar world. This is to juicy for everyone to not jump on, this website included. The Ghoul SRT is supposed to cost around $200k while featuring a Hellephant Crate engine 7.0L Supercharged 426 making 1000hp.

The odd of us seeing a Ghoul SRT is almost 0 since Dodge is now deciding to enter the performance EV world. If you would like to see Dodge use the Hellephant 426 make sure to join the discussion & tag Dodge in all of social media. The people that support these Mopar channels/websites can help make a change.

Why Ghoul SRT isn’t Happening?

The EPA is expecting many of these car manufactures to get to a certain MPG by 2025. The Hellephant 7.0L Supercharged 426 V8 Hemi just isn’t going to be able to make the MPG requirements. If Dodge comes out with a 0 emissions fueling or some kind of hybrid to help the Hellephant 426 improve MPG we may have a chance but there is no news supporting that.

Take a look below to see what a Charger Ghoul SRT would look like! It’s amazing & should be something Dodge produces.

This is a Charger 7.0L 426 with Dodge Demon 2.7L Supercharger, making over 1200hp with nitrous. This is the kind of Charger many are hoping to see Dodge make heading into the future. Gas guzzling, fire breathing V8 that can light up drag radials at will! This Charger Daytona has becomes a true monster & was featured on a Youtube Channel called R/T Life. If you would like to see more Ghoul SRT videos make sure to check out that channel.

9 thoughts on “Is Ghoul SRT Real?”

  1. I would love to see the Ghoul SRT come out with that Hellephant crate 426, but it’s just a dream. The 7.0L 426 Supercharged V8 Hemi isn’t legal in modern cars so I highly doubt Dodge will really do anything with it outside of sell it as a crate. Sad but true.

  2. Charger Ghoul SRT is 100% an April Fools joke that got out of hand. Everyone wants to see it happen but it’s simple not realistic to make. The Hellephant crate engine will not pass EPA standards. SORRY BUT GHOUL SRT IS FAKE!!!

  3. Of course the Ghoul SRT is real! Why would Dodge develop the Hellephant crate engine? The Hellephant has a lot of time and money invested into it. They will find a way to put the Hellephant 7.0L 426 into a widebody Charger then call it Ghoul!

  4. I want the Charger Ghoul SRT to be real! Dodge make it happen PLEASE. A plum crazy Charger Widebody 7.0L 426 Supercharged V8 Hemi Hellphant crate making 1000hp!!! This needs to happen, I don’t care about the April fools nonsense. DODGE LET”S GO!!!

  5. Who wouldn’t want the Ghoul SRT to be real? The Mopar community has been asking for a 426 Hemi for years. The 426 displacement means a lot to those that grew up in the 60’s & 70’s. A Ghoul certainly a silly name but a Charger Hellephant 426 sounds like a winning combination to me. Lose the Ghoul name and call it Hellephant!

  6. Yes the Charger Ghoul SRT is real!!! Dodge hasn’t officially released the concept yet. So many are under the impression it’s an April Fools joke but all the info was leaked to build hype. This will be Dodges grand finale before entering into EV. The Ghoul SRT will happen and they have a technology that will allow the Hellephant 426 to pass emissions. Many of you will see in 2023 a Dodge Charger Widebody 426 V8 Hemi making 1000hp!

  7. No the Charger Ghoul SRT isn’t real. It will never be real, it’s an april fools joke that so many just can’t get past. Dodge is headed toward EV, which sucks! The Hellephant is going to be a crate engine and that’s it, the EPA standards will never allow it to happen.

  8. The Charger Ghoul SRT is a false rumor started on April fools started by Carbuzz in 2019. If Dodge did end up putting a Hellephant 426 crate engine in a Charger or Challenger it wouldn’t be called Ghoul. Love the idea of the Ghoul but the rumor is nonsense.

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