Buy Hellcat OVER Demon?

Why buy Hellcat over Demon?

The Dodge Demon is a dream ride for most! So why should you consider buying a Hellcat over it? The answer is simple.

The Challenger Hellcat is now a great bang for the buck for speed. You can get a used Hellcat for around $50K which is amazing considering how much horsepower & torque you start off with 707hp & 650+. With that considered it doesn’t take much to get into the Demons 9 second time. The Dodge Demon is now listed for $150+k & will usually be in the low 10’s high 9’s on a normal Drag strip day. That’s a whole lot of money in comparison to buying & modifying a Hellcat.

In this video the Hellcat owner outlines what’s needed for a Hellcat SRT to compete with a Dodge Demon. It listed an upper/lower pulley, E85, ported snout, 3.09 gearing & upgraded wheels/tires. Not a terribly expensive list!

So what do you think? Is the Hellcat the better buy over the Demon or does the Demon start remain King of Mopar?! Let me know in the discussion to the left.