Faster: Trackhawk VS Hellcat

Modified Jeep Trackhawk vs Stock Hellcat Redeye

In this we look at a race between to very fast Mopars. One is a Jeep SRT Trackhawk with a nice modification list vs stock Hellcat Redeye on a wheel/tire. Both are throwing up 10’s on the board, but which is faster?!

The Jeep Trackhawk has the 6.2L Supercharged V8 hemi producing 707hp stock. While the Hellcat Redeye has a larger Demon blower it still has the 6.2L Supercharged V8 that produces 797hp stock. That said, the trackhawk isn’t stock. Has upgraded pulley, fueling, exhaust & traction – so it can run mid/low 10’s on a nice day at the Drag strip.

The Challenger Hellcat Redeye with nothing more then a wheel/tire upgrade is able to run that kind of time. The Redeye has some of the famous Dodge Demon hand downs to improve performance. Many Hellcat Redeyes with nothing more than a tune & tires can out run Dodge Demons.

Lets see how the race plays out between Trackhawk & Hellcat Redeye! Both are owned by the woman in the video, so she has great taste in rides. If you would like to see more drag racing videos make sure to check out a couple of the other videos on this website.

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3 thoughts on “Faster: Trackhawk VS Hellcat”

  1. She is crushing it in life, owns a Trackhawk and Hellcat Redeye! Damn. That being said, give me the Trackhawk all day. The accelerations on the street and even strip are amazing. Launching that much horsepower in AWD is amazing. Much respect to the Redeye, Dodge did a great job making power with it. Great video and very much enjoying the website.

  2. Jeep did a great job with the Trackhawk. It’s not supposed to be a drag strip focused ride. It performs great on the street, very comfortable daily use and launches so hard! I have a Jeep SRT with 6.4L 392 and love it, so having an extra 300hp would be next level. Love the races!

  3. The Redeye is such a monster. Stock with tire it’s throwing up mid 10’s! So many other rides have to invest tons of $$$ to get to that level. Great race between the Trackhawk & Hellcat Redeye but it take a lot for that Trackhawk to compete at the drag strip with a Redeye.

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