Direct Connection LAUNCHED!

Dodge Dealerships can modify your Charger, Challenger or Durango

Direct Connection has now officially been launched & it will allow anyone with a Charger, Challenger or Durango to modify their rides through a Dodge Dealership.

Direction Connection for Modifying & Upgrading all Dodges at Dealership (Charger, Challenger & Durango)

Looking to add more hp/torque to your Charger, Challenger or Durango? Direct Connection is now officially launched & it will allow you to buy upgraded parts & have them installed by your local Dodge dealership. This isn’t just for Redeyes, Hellcats or Scatpacks! Many people in Hellcats, Scatpacks & 5.7L R/T have been wanting upgrades for their rides, whether for handling or adding more power!

The Direct Connection was advertised & marketed as a Hellcat stage kit system, but there seems to be much more to it. There is a 6.4L 392 stage kit for scatpacks, SRT, T/A & Daytonas that include a pre-stage, stage 1 & 2. No one knows exactly what is in them but it should add some nice power. Check out the video below to see a decent guess as to what is included in the 392 stage kits by Direct Connection.

Direct Connection seems to also include parts for those in a 5.7L V8 Hemi along with 3.6L V6. The 5.7L 345 V8 has the option between an upgraded performance camshaft, intake, exhaust & suspension options. The 3.6L V6 SXT or GT has intake options & upgraded handling/suspension options. These may also transfer over to the Jeep, Ram & Chrysler trim levels as well, the Chrysler 300 5.7L was listed as a fit in the upgraded camshaft.

Make sure to let us know what you think of Dodge’s Direct connection program, it is a very cool idea for those that would like to hang onto their Charger, Challenger or Durango while adding some Horsepower & Torque. Join the conversation to the right, let other people know what you think!

Scatpack 6.4L 392 Stage Kits by Direct Connection

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  1. Dodge should have launched Direct Connection years ago. This feels like a last effort at making money before pissing off their base with EV models. Looked at the website and wasn’t very impressed what was offered for my 392. They had some redeye stage kits loaded up. We will see

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