Hellcat Injectors Installed! 5.7L & 392

Installing 600cc Hellcat injectors in 5.7L 345 & 6.4L 392

Installed Hellcat Injectors in 5.7L V8 & 6.4 392 Scatpack

Looking to install a larger injector onto your Charger or Challenger 5.7L 345 V8 or 6.4L 392 V8 Hemi? The Hellcat injectors are about 600cc which is plenty if you’re planning on running lower boost or staying with an N/A stroker or cam build. Another thing worth noting is if the Hellcat 600cc isn’t large enough you can upgrade to the Demon 700cc injectors.

The Hellcat injector on a 5.7L or 392 is a direct swap & simple installation but, you shouldn’t expect anymore then 640-660 range WHP (depending on dyno corrections etc.) You will run out of fueling if you’re looking to push past this type of HP/Torque range. Which is why most bolt on, tuned & pullied Hellcats have to upgrade their injectors.

In the video above a Youtuber gives the Hellcat a chance in his Charger 397 Twin-Turbo build. They did as expected, the ceiling just isn’t very high if you’re trying to make big power. The best way to use a Hellcat injector is if you’re pushing 4-5 lbs of boost on a mostly stock 5.7L or 392 – or if you’re doing a Stroker kit while staying N/A.

Let us know what you think of the Hellcat Injectors, have you given them a try on your build? Many seem to give it a try & end up replacing them! Let’s face it the price tag attached to Hellcat injectors is very enticing. So many Hellcat owners modding & upgrading their rides makes these injectors cheap to test.