Tuned Hellcat RACED Stock Redeye

Modified Charger Hellcat vs Challenger Redeye Super Stock!!!

Is the modified Charger Hellcat making enough power to keep up with the Drag focused packaged Redeye Super Stock?

Charger Hellcat vs Challenger Redeye Super Stock

Charger Hellcat vs Challenger Redeye Super Stock

The Modified Charger Hellcat has a lower pulley, upgraded race fueling, wheels/tires package & 3.09 gearing (which is found in the Dodge Demon & Challenger Redeyes). The shorter gearing will help being much of the power to help improve 60′ in drag racing.

The Super Stock is stock engine wise with an upgraded set of wheels/tires to improve traction for that 800+hp. The Super Stock is basically the Hellcat Redeye version of the 1320 we see for the Scatpack 392 trim level. It takes parts from the king of drag racing & limited run production car Dodge Demon.

So who will win this high horsepower race? Both are amazing rides but only one can come out on top, will it be the car built for drag racing or the modified street/strip beast! In the chat let us know what you think of the race. It will help others looking for entertaining videos to pass some time.

The Hellcats are known for doing well with very limited upgrades, getting them into the low 10’s or even breaking into 9’s isn’t as expensive as some may think. If you’re looking for a drag racing ride with a very high ceiling, a Hellcat is a great place to start looking.

2 thoughts on “Tuned Hellcat RACED Stock Redeye”

  1. A lightly modified Hellcat 707 is no joke! Doesn’t take much to get them making a lot more power. I’ve seen tuned with wheels/tires drop 3 or 4/10’s from stock. Forget about the ones that upgrade their pulley, injectors & upgrade their fueling! In the end Hellcat vs Hellcat Redeye is fun to watch because it’s #SameTeam! Love Mopar but it takes a Mopar to catch a Mopar.

  2. Modified Hellcat vs Hellcat Redeye is going to always be a tight race. Love them both but man those Redeyes are a great starting point for a FAST build. Doesn’t take much at all to break into the 9’s and start flirting with high 8’s. The Redeye Super Stock is one of the best packages dodge has offered.

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