Ghoul SRT- Charger 426 Hemi

Is Dodge actually making Charger Ghoul SRT?

Every year around April the same topic begins to surface. Is Dodge going to make a 7.0L 426 Charger or Challenger Ghoul? They have the Supercharged 7.0L 426 already produced with the Hellephant crate engine, so why not put it into a production ride?

Why the Ghoul is Fake?

If you notice every year the rumors begin, it’s April 1st!!! This started as an April fools joke and blew up because everyone would love to see this happen. The Ghoul, Cuda, Viper & many other Mopar rumors are wishful thinking.

Make sure to join the Ghoul SRT discussion! In the chat let us know what you think. Would you like to see Dodge make the Charger Ghoul SRT or is it time to move into the EV world?

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