Next Generation V8 Hemi!!! 2026…

2026 V8 Supercharged V8 Hemi with Electric Motor

2.5L 153cu V8 Supercharged 1000hp Hemi

Dodge releasing new V8 Hemi in 2026?

There is no official word about whether Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler or Ram will have a new generation of Hemi. The video about shows why the next generation of V8 hemi is possible though. We’re entering a dark age of all EV performance, silent speed rather then gas guzzling, loud, gas guzzling traditional mopars we’re so used to.

Dodge announced in 2021, they were planning on revealing a new EV concept in 2022 that will be for sale in 2024. This has led to many with in the Mopar community to resist or voice their opinion on EV’s. Many would rather see a hybrid V8 that embraces the best of both worlds rather then a full EV.

The next generation Hemi will likely be a smaller displacement V8 with some kind of a supercharger or forced air system, it will be paired with electrical motors for instant torque and improved MPG. Dodges plan to release a full EV line up with end up hurting the brand, at which point they will back peddle into a new hybrid type of line up. Ford has already learned this, which is why they’re making the Mustang GT 5.0L hybrid rather then full EV like the Mach-e.

Let us know what you think of the idea of a new generation of V8 hemi paired with hybrid technology. It seems to be more of natural evolution then going full EV.