Dodge “Hydra” V8

Challenger V8 Hydrogen Hemi

Dodge Challenger V8 Hydrogen Combustion engine? in 2024+ Dodge is heading in the E.V. direction with the Charger Daytona. The 2024 Charger will have a 340v, 440v & 800v which will produce 1000hp. The 800v will be considered a Tesla Plaid competitor which is impressive. All of that said, many Dodge supporters aren’t happy with the direction. The Challenger Hydra offers more for those that love V8 & enjoy listening, feeling, driving a combustion engine.

Many in the car community believe that hydrogen will become the next big thing to replace fossil fuel. There are a few draw backs to hydrogen & the most glaring is how much less efficient it is mileage wise. This can be overcome with additional advancements in technology. A hydrogen V8 combined with electric motors will improve the overall performance & efficiency.

The Dodge Hydra was a brilliant joke by Carbuzz on April Fools, similar to the Ghoul SRT & others. It plays into the hands of many that enjoy large combustion V8’s which happens to be the majority of Mopar owners. There may be some truth to the Hydra though as many companies are now investing in Hydrogen combustion which include BMW, Ford, Lexus, Cummins & Toyota. These companies see the value of these hydrogen combustion engines & it may save the auto community.

Let us know what you think of the April Fools joke Dodge Challenger Hydra! Should Dodge start investing in Hydrogen fuel cell or combustion instead of E.V.? Many seem to love the performance of E.V. Technology.

2 thoughts on “Dodge “Hydra” V8”

  1. Hydrogen combustion is the future for those that love Sports & muscle cars. EV’s are fast as hell but it’s missing a lot of the driver experience. Hydrogen V10 or V8 will become more popular in a few years. Look at many of these companies investing in the technology! BMW in 2006 or 2007 released a hydrogen combustion model & it was awesome.

  2. I really hope Dodge sees this. The whole Charger EV Daytona nonsense is not the right direction! I along with many other mopar guys will jump on board with the Hydra or “Hydrogen V8 Hemi”. Not many of us really enjoy going on a Sunday drive in complete silence while silently flying by one another. Dodge should know better then to give the base an EV with nonsense fake noise from an exhaust.

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