Best Charger Suspension

Upgraded Dodge Charger Suspension

Dodge Charger with upgraded coilover suspension

Need to upgrade your Dodge charger or challenger suspension? Adjustable coilovers is one of the best options out there right now. It will allow you to adjust the ride height along with how stiff you would like spring rate. Many of the guys in Charger or Challengers choose to lower their rides with eibach sportline lowering springs & this is at a cost of a rougher ride while also some rubbing issues on the highway where there’s massive dips. The looks of lowering springs is great but it comes at a cost. Typically lowering springs cost about $500 plus installation.

Once the lowering springs are installed you will notice the ride quality suffers a bit esp on road trips & roads with poor conditioning. This is where coilovers come in. If you would like the lowered look while also keeping the higher quality driver experience you can adjust the coilovers until you find the happy height & stiffness.

The video above features a Dodge charger widebody with coilover suspension. The reasoning for the upgraded suspension is the Charger installed a widebody kit & had issues with tires hitting the fender flares on poor road conditions. The owner decided to keep the stock ride height but make it much stiffer which prevented any rubbing even on HWY dips & pot holes. Having Coilover suspension really gives you the flexibility to adjust your ride! Another option that may work if you have a little more money if air ride suspension. Air ride unlike coilovers allows you to adjust the suspension on the fly – there is a controller in the car that you can adjust as you see fit.

Coilovers can be easily be adjusted & are much cheaper then Air Ride but it much easier with Air ride to adjust. Let us know what you think of coilover suspension over air ride?!?