Stock Scatpack 392 1/4 Mile

1/4 Mile Time Stock 6.4L 392 Scatpack

What is the 1/4 mile time of a stock tuned 6.4L 392 v8 N/A Scatpack or SRT? In this video you will see a Charger RT Scatpack with the 392 run the 1/4 mile on a stock tune. The mods he has done are simple, cheap and easy for anyone to do. The owner did mods that has made the 392 more efficient with the stock power out of factory. With nothing more then suspension (Dodge Demon Springs), K&N Drop filter, drag radial etc. this 392 is in the mid to low 11’s at Atco Raceway.

If you’re a 392 SRT or Scatpack owner following this formula should net you similar results. Keep in mind the owner has a lot of experience at the drag strip, seat time is very valuable! Make sure to check out his youtube channel & show some support so he continues creating great content for that Scatpack 392. If you like this video please make sure to share on your social media! Thank You for the suppport