Scatpack 392 0-60 Time

Charger Scatpack 392 0-60 Time

Scatpack 6.4L 392 v8 Hemi does some 0-60 runs on a very hot day. This Charger belongs to the youtube channel Fp2000, which has a mid muffler delete & ported throttle body. His scatpack has been able to run a 4.1 & 4.3 in the past, let’s see in this video how it does on this super hot day though.

Many have seen this Charger Scatpack 392 on the dyno when it put down 445whp, so it will be interesting to see if he can get all that power without spinning tires! FP2000 just got a new set of 295 tires, when he ran the 4.1 they were 315’s.

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