Long Tube Headers 5.7L

5.7L Hemi Long Tube Header with 3″ Magnaflow Exhaust

In this video a 5.7L v8 Charger RT upgrades from Shorty to Dynatech Long tube headers with hight flow cats & 3″ Magnaflow catback exhaust. This is Long tube & Catback setup is a massive upgrade over the prior shorty header &  flowmaster 40 setup with 2.25″ piping. If you have a Charger or challenger with a 5.7L hemi this is a great setup for you. Take a listen at the exhaust note of this magnaflow setup, very DEEP!

If you are looking into an exhaust setup this should be a an option on the table. Not only will it net you a lot of horsepower and torque but it will also sound great!

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