High Flow or Catless Mids

High Flow Cats or Catless Mid Pipes

What should you do, high flow cats or catless mid pipes? This is a very debated topic in the car world, most lean toward doing a catless setup trying to keep any restrictions from robbing horsepower and torque. Others believe high flow cats are not enough of a restriction to lose out on horsepower and torque. In this video you will listen to why an owner of a Charger RT decided to go with high flow cats over a catless setup.

Let us know what you think of this video. Do you think the high flow cats are a restriction? Is this a mod that will end up having to be redone down the road as more Horsepower is added? Remember many people mod their Chargers and Challengers in stats that have very strict emissions, so having cats might be the only option.

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