Charger Widebody Kit

Installing 2015-2023 Charger Widebody kit (Vicrez)

The 2015-2019 Chargers can be upgraded to have a 2020+ model year look with this new Vicrez widebody kit. The widebody kit itself is around $1600 which includes almost everything for install. There are a few parts from your current bumper that will need to be transferred over to complete the widebody conversion. Once you have the widebody kit purchased you’re going to need to paint & install it onto your Charger. This is a costly step (depending on the quality & location of your chop), in most cases this is around $1000-1300 total for paint/install. On top of this you should also invest in new Wheels/Tires for the wider stance of the widebody kit. The wheel setup you should be buying has a -2.5 offset which will kick it out & sit flush with the fender flares.

The last part most seem to forget is either cutting the fenders or upgrading your suspension. If you don’t address either the wheel/tire will hit the fender flare while driving. Many cases have fender flares flying off while hitting a dip on the highway or pot holes. Upgrading to a stiffer suspension will allow for less travel while driving on poor road conditions.

Make sure to check out coilover adjustable suspension. This will give you the flexibility to adjust the ride height & stiffness to your comfort level. This is a very costly conversion for 2015-2019 Chargers but it looks amazing as you can see in the video above.

Is Widebody Kit worth the trouble for 2015-2019 Charger?