Scatpack Dyno Results

392 Stock Tune Scatpack on Dyno

This 392 scatpack has a mid muffler delete & ported throttle body on a stock tune. In the video he jumped on the dyno & walked away with some impressive horsepower & torque numbers on a stock tune. Many wonder how much horsepower does a 392 6.4L Hemi put down to the ground on a dyno, well this will give you that answer.

The 6.4L 392 Hemi makes some serious power as you can tell from the dyno video but it actually translates to great 1/4 mile times. There is another Scatpack on the stock tune in the mid low 11’s!

Stock Scatpack 392 1/4 Mile

As you can see here, the scatpack 392 on the stock tune is putting that power to use. With a few adjustments NOT in the engine bay your 392 SRT or Scatpack can be hitting into the 11’s. He upgraded to Dodge Demon Springs, drag radials & stripped the car out for a little weight savings.

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